Best Insoles for Basketball Shoes: Elevate Your Game to New Heights

Best Insoles for Basketball Shoes

Best insoles for basketball shoes, One of a shoe’s most neglected components is the insole. While people may think about the quality of a shoe’s upper, outsole, and midsole, we seldom ever pause to think about the insole of a shoe. Furthermore, insoles do have a significant role in a shoe’s design, particularly in the case of basketball shoes.

Basketball players engage in a lot of explosive motions that put a lot of tension and force on their joints. Thus, your shoes need to be able to withstand all of this strain, maintain the best possible freshness in your legs, and prevent injuries. Naturally, this raises the question, “What are the finest insoles for basketball?

The fact is that while companies like New Balance, adidas, and Nike create excellent shoes, they don’t make excellent insoles. There are businesses that focus just on that trade, and their products are far superior insoles overall, especially for basketball.

What makes a good insole?

Thus, what makes insoles crucial? You must first take into account the cushioning that a basketball insole offers. As soon as you put on the shoes, you should be able to feel the cushioning effect of your insole. Now, after a few hours of use, many insoles bottom out, or lose their cushion. A quality basketball insole will not only increase the cushioning in your shoes, but will continue to do so until the sole burns through.

An additional layer of support is another characteristic of a quality basketball insole. It goes without saying that not all basketball shoes are made equal, and torsional support is a flaw in a lot of them. A good insole should improve your running and leaping techniques, even if the shoe provides strong torsional support. This will make you more efficient on the court and help prevent injuries while also providing you a minor performance advantage.

Custom vs Over-the-Counter Orthotics

Because they are made to your unique requirements, custom orthotics should always perform somewhat better than over-the-counter ones, if cost is not a concern. Now, the average cost of custom orthotics is between $200 and $800, which is a significant amount of money for many of us.

Conversely, over-the-counter orthotics are typically more affordable but may not always work as intended. You also need to take into account the insole’s fit within your shoe, in addition to its real performance characteristics. Many over-the-counter insoles are marketed as “one size fits all” and must be trimmed by the user to match the exact size and form of their shoes. This can be problematic and cause mistakes. Basketball insoles that you may get over-the-counter should be reasonably priced and simple to insert into your shoes.

In light of this, WearTesters has been searching for the top basketball insoles. The ideal insoles would be simple to buy at retail, provide all the performance attributes you want, and not add any additional hassles.

Best Insoles for Basketball Overall

move insoles

Move Insoles are among the newest insole companies on the market, so you may not be familiar with them, but they are the greatest insoles for basketball. Move offers Game Day and Game Day Pro as its two alternatives.

For the majority of individuals who are not elite athletes, Game Day is the best choice. Step-in comfort is provided by the shock-absorbing foam and arch support is provided by the robust EVA torsion plate. The GameDay Pro is intended for elite players and those who require further assistance. The nylon torsion plate has the same level of rigidity as carbon fiber. It has the premium Polsion Energyfoam from the brand, which is denser and lasts longer. These are both really good choices.

Spenco Rx Comfort

The most straightforward low-profile aftermarket insole on the market is the Spenco Rx Comfort. One major advantage is its top layer, which reduces friction. Furthermore, the foam foundation outlasts a standard insole by a significant margin. If you want to swap out your cheap, uncomfortable stock insoles for something more pleasant and long-lasting, go for the Rx Comfort. It is true that there is no additional padding or support, but if you don’t need it, that’s okay. The Rx Comfort is a lifesaver for people who experience blisters on the tips of their toes or the soles of their feet.

Sof sole Air

For the majority of shoes, the Sof Sole Airr insoles are ready to use without any trimming. An air pocket that extends from the heel into the medial arch is where the word “Airr” originates. Though it feels softer underfoot, the air pocket resembles Nike Zoom Air units. They lose some bounce and responsiveness, but the impact protection is still quite strong. A polymer gel pad in the forefoot provides a little amount of impact protection. Since the Airr is quite strong through the arch, it offers some torsional support. The largest negative is that these insoles are rather thick; with some shoes, my heel almost slipped over the heel counter. Although it’s not a major issue, the high stack should be taken into account.

The Best Insoles for Basketball Shoes

There are few exceptions, even if the majority of insoles that come with basketball shoes aren’t very good. There are shoes that appear to receive more care from the company than others. When compared to comparable models, the insoles of the shoes shown here are excellent. Even so, they could profit from the extra characteristics that one of the aforementioned insoles would provide. These are the basketball sneakers that we believe have the greatest insoles for basketball.

Adidas KD 14

Not only are the Nike KD 14 basketball shoes among the greatest on the market right now, but they also offer some of the best insoles. Although the substance used to make them seems cheap—styrofoam—it really molds to your foot the longer you wear them. You will be able to experience that soft Cushlon and springy Zoom Air more fully because to the custom-like fit and feel that this will provide.

The Air Jordan 36

The insole of the Air Jordan 36 contributes to their inclusion on several of our lists, such as the Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes. The insole of the Nike KD 14 is comparable in that it conforms to your foot. It does not, however, feature the cored-out part for the Zoom Air strobel, in contrast to the Kevin Durant signature model. It is a little more breathable because of the holes.

Kobe 6 Protro by Nike

The original Air Jordan 36 and Nike KD 14 insole generation can be found on the Nike Kobe 6 Protro. Although they don’t first appear as tidy as the other two and aren’t as comfy, they will eventually conform to your foot. After you’ve finished the break-in period, you’ll feel as though the shoe was designed just for you. These are definitely worth keeping an eye on if you enjoy the Black Mamba himself.


In conclusion, your performance and general comfort on the court may be greatly impacted by selecting the proper insoles for your basketball shoes. The greatest insoles give you the necessary stability, cushioning, and support to help you reach new heights in your performance.

Getting good insoles is a wise investment whether you’re a casual or professional athlete. They can improve your mobility, lower your chance of injury, and absorb enough shock to get you through the most demanding sports.

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